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This game can be played with one child or a class if you can display it digitally. The game is simple find the matching pairs and reveal the verse beneath the board. Each child takes a turn picking a pair, but must earn it by stating verse out loud first. If they can quote it from memory they get an extra turn. The goal is to get the child to repeat the verse out loud and eventually commit it to memory.


Quote the verse by clicking on the works in the order they appear in the verse, starting with reference. This is more for single person play but it can be played as a group with effort


What is the Bible? ConcentrationQuotaThe Bible
Genesis 1:1 ConcentrationQuota
Psalm 119:11 ConcentrationQuotaThe Bible
Matthew 24:35 ConcentrationQuotaThe Bible
Matthew 28:19 ConcentrationQuotaJesus Disciples
John 1:29 ConcentrationQuotaJesus Disciples
2Timothy 2:15 ConcentrationQuotaThe Bible
2Timothy 3:16 ConcentrationQuotaThe Bible